Why choose calcium sulphate Raised Floor panels?

Calcium Sulphate Core Raised Floor Panels

Raised access floor panels, typically designed for applications in data centers, communication rooms, and IT suites, come equipped with an edge band and a factory-applied finish to their core. Depending on the specific requirements or specifications, this finish may comprise anti-static vinyl, high-pressure laminate, rubber, and more.

In this article, we will delve into the various core options available. Traditionally, wood core panels have been the preferred choice in the UK. However, there is an alternative known as calcium sulphate, which we will explore further.

What is calcium sulphate?

Calcium sulphate, also referred to as gypsum, is a naturally sourced material blended with cellulose fibers obtained from recycled cardboard or paper, along with water. This mixture is then subjected to high levels of compression and drying, resulting in an environmentally-friendly core with a density of approximately 1600 kg/m³.

Why choose calcium sulphate/ gypsum fibre core?

Here are 4 reasons why you may want consider making the switch from wood core:

1. Safety – Higher Fire Rating

Calcium sulphate core raised floor panels are esteemed for their exceptional fire resistance. This non-combustible material can withstand high temperatures without contributing to the spread of flames. This critical fire resistance feature enhances building safety by allowing for additional time for evacuation and fire containment during emergencies.

2. Natural Resistance to Moisture

The innate moisture resistance of calcium sulphate makes it a superior choice over wood core panels. These panels retain their structural integrity even in high-humidity environments, remaining unaffected by warping or degradation. This attribute is particularly vital in data centers where precise environmental control is imperative.

3. Increased Loading Capability

Thanks to the remarkable density and strength of the calcium sulphate core, these panels can withstand heavier loads compared to traditional wood core panels. This means that heavier equipment can be safely installed on the raised floor without compromising its structural integrity.

4. Improved Acoustics

Due to the density of the calcium sulphate core, there is a significant increase in impact sound & airborne sound reduction

AFD’s Indigo Raised Access Floor System includes the option for calcium sulphate core – Click here to find out more

We also offer a JVP bare steel encapsulated Raised Floor panel with a gypsum fibre core rated to PSA Heavy Grade

For more information or support a RAF project, please get in touch here

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