Knauf GifaFloor – The Ideal Partner to Underfloor Heating

Knauf GifaFloor – The Ideal Partner to Underfloor Heating

Structural GifaFloor FHB & Non-Structural Dry Screed Board – Hugo & Brio

Underfloor heating has become a favored choice among homeowners seeking a comfortable and efficient heating system for their homes. The success of an underfloor heating system depends on various factors, including the type of flooring used in conjunction with it. Among the available options, Knauf Gifafloor stands out as an ideal product for use with underfloor heating. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why Knauf Gifafloor is the perfect flooring solution for underfloor heating systems.

Excellent Thermal Conductivity

Knauf Gifafloor is a high-performance gypsum-based floor screed that offers outstanding thermal conductivity. With efficient and even heat distribution across the entire floor surface, Knauf Gifafloor allows for quick and effective heat transfer when used in combination with underfloor heating. This results in a comfortable and consistent room temperature while maximizing the efficiency of the underfloor heating system, reducing energy consumption and lowering heating costs.

The thermal conductivity rate of the GifaFloor system is λR 0.38W/mK. This is classed as “thermally transparent” and is up to 45% more efficient than chipboard.

Structural & Non-Structural options

Knauf GifaFloor FHB is the structural dry screed board option. Available in thickness of 18, 25, 28, 32 & 38mm – it is suitable for a wide range of loading requirements. FHB can be used on a pedestal system or spanned over joists from ≤300mm to ≤1200mm

Knauf Hugo & Brio are the non-structural dry screed panels. They are available in 18mm & 23mm thicknesses. Hugo is a new alternative to Brio which offers a stronger T&G joint, ideal when applying hard finishes such as ceramics.

Thin & Lightweight Design

The GifaFloor system is lightweight and available as thin is 18mm, which minimises the impact on floor height. This is particularly beneficial when retrofitting underfloor heating in an existing space where floor height can be a concern. The thin and lightweight design of Knauf Gifafloor also allows for faster installation, saving time and labour costs.

No long drying times

Unlike alternative wet screeds, there is no requirement to wait hours for the floor to set. Once the GifaFloor system is installed, it can accept foot traffic almost immediately, ready for follow on trades. This saves time & money when programming projects.

Accepts a wide range of finishes

The GifaFloor, Hugo & Brio dry screed board systems can accept almost any finish directly, without the need for expensive de-coupling layers. This could include carpet, laminates, timbers, stone, ceramic & porcelain 

Improved Acoustics

Due to the density of gypsum fibreboard – GifaFloor offers excellent acoustic improvements. Helping reduce impact & airborne sound

High Recycled Content

Gypsum Fibreboard is manufactured from gypsum, recycled paper & water. These sustainable materials make Knauf GifaFloor & Screed board a low carbon solution to flooring

AFD are the only UK stockists of the Knauf Flooring Range, available for next-day delivery

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