Have you heard of Hugo?

Have you heard of Hugo?

A dry screed panel designed with simplicity in mind

Knauf Hugo is a dry screed panel, precision engineered from the highest quality gypsum fibreboard to create a strong monolithic floor structure. Specifically designed as an excellent alternative to wet floor screed.

Similar to the Knauf Brio dry screed panel, Hugo features a patented tongue & groove edge joint which offers a simple yet strong installation solution.

What are the benefits of Hugo?

Hugo is the ideal partner for numerous flooring systems and offers the following features:

  1. A1 Non-Combustible Fire Rating
  2. Thin design available in both 18 & 23mm for reduced floor build up height
  3. Lightweight for easy handling with no mess on site
  4. No protracted drying times in comparison to traditional wet screed – ready to accept foot traffic in 4 hours
  5. Easy to install using Knauf GifaBond Blue Adhesive Only
  6. Offers a thermal conductivity rate of λR 0.38W/mK making underfloor heating systems 36%-43% more efficient in comparison to chipboard alternatives
  7. Made from up to 60% recycled material
  8. Can accept a wide range of finishes directly, including ceramics, natural stone, vinyl & laminate flooring – without the need for an expensive decoupling layer

Where can Hugo be used?

Hugo is a non structural screed panel and can be used in the following applications:

  1. In conjunction with an underfloor heating system
  2. Overlay to an existing Raised Access Floor
  3. Where an acoustic solution is required, HugoWF 18 & 23 is available. Click here to learn more about HugoWF.
  4. In replacement for ply or chipboard overlay – where this is an existing structural sub floor
  5. As an alternative to traditional screed where there is a structural support within the build up

If you require a structural flooring solution – check out the Knauf GifaFloor Range

AFD are the only UK stockists of the Knauf Flooring Range, therefore we can supply you with Hugo in any quantity with short lead times


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