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Glass Panels – Raised Access Floor

When would you use a glass panel within a raised access floor?

A raised access glass panel is manufactured to be installed alongside a traditional raised access floor to afford a visual viewing area of any section of the void. The glass panel is manufactured to 600mm x 600mm x 32mm. A packer system is available to ensure that the panel can suit any thickness – making it compatible with almost any existing raised access floor.

Why use a glass panel within your raised floor?

These are some examples where a glass panel may be used within a raised access floor

  1. An area requires regular visual maintenance checks within a data centre or comms room.
  2. An area that involves specific lighting but can carry a load, for example a dance floor
  3. An area where a raised floor has been built on to prevent the area from being disturbed, but there is a requirement for persons to be able to see the original sub floor – for example, within a historic building

There are numerous additional benefits to using glass panels within your project: 

  • Class 1 Fire Resistance 
  • Allow for an ultimate load of 13kN –  Click here to learn more about industry standards for raised access flooring to find out more about loads
  • High quality glass colour rendition
  • Options available for extra slip resistance finishes

If you wish to find out more about Glass panels for use with a raised access floor – get in touch here


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