Case Study – Knauf GifaFloor FHB25 on Cradle & Batten – Kings Cross, London

Knauf GifaFloor FHB25 – Residential Acoustic Cradle & Batten & Under Floor Heating

Timescales: June 2023 – April 2024

Project Size: 8000m2


Location: Kings Cross, London

AFD successfully delivered over 8000m² of Knauf GifaFloor dry screed panels via our FORS Silver accredited vehicles.

In this project, the FHB25 was installed over an acoustic cradle and batten system incorporating underfloor heating.

Various material options were considered to address the application of large format marble tiles while maintaining the efficiency of underfloor heating within an acoustic cradle and batten system.

Rigorous testing of different materials was conducted to find the most suitable overlay board to address the specific issues highlighted in this development.

The Knauf GifaFloor FHB panel was selected as the ideal solution for the following reasons:

Load Bearing Capacity:

GifaFloor FHB is a load-bearing screed panel ideal for spanning cradle and batten systems with an exceptionally high point load and limited deflection. This makes it ideal for receiving hard finishes, such as the large format marble tiles installed in this project. The risk of the finish deteriorating over time is significantly reduced compared to other structural alternatives.

High Thermal Conductivity:

The FHB25 was installed over the cradle and batten system incorporating underfloor heating. It was essential to ensure that materials used in this floor build-up were efficient for the end user. GifaFloor FHB is classed as “thermally transparent,” allowing maximum heat transfer from the underfloor heating system below the panel to the finish on top. This ensures the underfloor heating remains as efficient as possible.

Reduced Embodied Carbon:

The introduction of FHB25 reduces the need for other materials, such as wet screed or multiple layers within the build-up. Additionally, GifaFloor is a highly sustainable product, made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable at the end of its life.


Knauf offers a “building lifetime” warranty for the use of this product when installed to specification.

Non-Combustible Fire Rating:

The Knauf GifaFloor range is a Class A non-combustible product, offering no reaction to fire.

Acoustic Performance:

The density of the FHB ranges from 1500-1600kg/m³, improving acoustics within the floor build-up due to its high density.

To read more about the installation of this system by acoustic specialist, InstaGroup – click here to read their case study

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AFD are an NBS Source Partner – This product is available to review in NBS Source, and specify in NBS Chorus by clicking here 

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