Case Study – Terrazzo Raised Floor System – Cottam House, London

Terrazzo Raised Floor System – Cottam House, Kings Cross, London

Timescales: March 2021

Project Size: 800 m2

Products: MonoTile Terrazzo Raised Floor System – Finished in “Bianco Botticino”

Client: London Raised Floors

Location: The Mills Fabrica, Cottam House, Kings Cross, London

The Mills Fabrica is a contemporary co-working space that has been thoughtfully designed to foster collaboration and community among sustainable conscious businesses. A key component of any modern office space is the flooring system, which can have a significant impact on both the aesthetics and functionality of the environment.

In order to ensure that the flooring system for The Mills Fabrica was both visually appealing and practical, AFD collaborated closely with our contracting partners. We were able to provide the expertise needed to specify the correct finish design that would be appropriate for the space, taking into account factors such as traffic flow, durability, and maintenance requirements.

The chosen flooring system was a Terrazzo raised access system, which was installed alongside matching floor tiles in other areas, as well as wall tiles. The Terrazzo Raised Floor system material is renowned for its durability, low maintenance requirements, and stunning visual appeal.

The raised access system offers several advantages over traditional flooring systems. It allows for easy access to the void beneath the flooring, which is particularly useful for buildings that require extensive cabling or piping. It also provides greater flexibility for future modifications to the space, such as the installation of new electrical or data systems.

By choosing a Terrazzo raised access system for The Mills Fabrica, we were able to achieve a high-end design finish that seamlessly flows from one area to the next, while still providing the practicality and functionality that is essential for a modern office space. The result is a flooring system that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also enhances the overall functionality of the environment.

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