Aluminium Raised Access Floor System

Aluminium Raised Access Floor Panels – A Raised Access Floor Solution

Aluminium raised access floor panels are manufactured from die cast aluminium, calibrated to 600x600mm. Coated with epoxy powder coating for both top and bottom surfaces, the upper side of each panel can also be coated with a wide range of finishes to suit every design requirement. Aluminium Pedestals are available, as well as aluminium stringers to suit higher load requirements

Why use aluminium access floor panels?

Aluminium panels are an ideal solution for some of the following projects:

  1. Clean Room – An engineered space that is designed to work with microelectronic, nanotechnologies and semiconductors.
  2. Non Ferrus Environment – A room whereby non magnetic materials are required, for example, an MRI scanning room.
  3. Laboratory – When there is a requirement to maintain a specific level of dust, particles or airborne organisms.

What are the properties of an aluminium raised access floor system?

  • Made using high precision
  • Conforms to ISO 9001, 14001, eISO 18001, ISO 14644-1 through to ISO 1
  • Corrosion & Chemical resistant
  • Anti-magnetic
  • High electrostatic conductivity
  • Abrasive resistant for ventilation
  • Durable
  • Void heights from 150 – 2000m+ using specifically designed die cast aluminium pedestals and stringers
  • Available in solid, perforated and air grille designs to allow for air flow
  • Conforms to Raised Access Floor industry standard BSEN 12825:2001 – Click here to learn more
  • Offers high loads, ideal for heavy equipment and machinery

If you have a requirement for aluminium raised access floor panels, please check out our Aluminium Panel section for more information, or get in touch

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