A Complete Acoustic Flooring Solution

A Complete Acoustic Flooring Solution 

What is an acoustic floor?

Acoustic flooring is designed to insulate against excessive noise, preventing its transmission from your flooring into the rooms below. Consideration should be made for both impact sound and airborne sound.

What is the difference between Impact & Airborne Noise?

Airborne noise is transmitted through the air and atmosphere and experienced through the likes of people talking, TV noise, dogs barking etc. When sound waves travel through the air and reach a building element they hit it and cause it to vibrate.

Impact noise is the physical impact on buildings or solid materials. Examples being footfall, doors banging, walking and furniture moving. Impact sound occurs because the impact causes both sides of the building element to vibrate, generating sound waves. 

What is the best way to reduce acoustic noise between floors?

To improve the acoustic level of a floor, the build up of the floor should be altered or added to in order to reduce the capability of sound waves causing vibrations. 

Acoustic Flooring System

Access Floors Distribution offer three types of flooring options to increase the acoustic performance of your project.

Structural Options

Knauf GifaFloor

GifaFloor is a high quality, high density load bearing dry screed panel manufactured using a gypsum fibreboard technology available in 18-38mm thickness. This panel can be laid directly over joists or pedestals and can receive a wide range of finishes directly. Due to the high density of Knauf GifaFloor, the panels offer a high acoustic performance alone. However, the acoustic performance can be increased in conjunction with Knauf Acoustic Edge Strip & Acoustic Isolating Strip.

The Knauf Acoustic Edge Strip is a mineral wool which is applied around the perimeter of the GifaFloor, improving acoustic performance & protection from fire.

The Knauf Acoustic Isolating Strip is a purpose made self-adhesive strip designed to isolate the floor deck from the top of the joist to improve acoustic performance.

Non Structural Options

Knauf Brio WF

Brio is a high quality, non structural, dry screed board manufactured using a gypsum fibreboard technology. Engineered with four edge lap joints to ensure they fit tightly together, finished with adhesive and screws to ensure a smooth finished surface. Available in both 18mm & 23mm thickness.

Brio WF includes a factory bonded 10mm wood fibre backing which significantly reduces both airborne & impact sounds.

Knauf Hugo WF

Hugo offers the same high quality as Brio, however the joints are manufactured using a patented tongue and groove edge formation, ideal for quick and safe installation without the need for screws. Knauf Hugo is available in both 18mm and 23mm thickness 

HugoWF includes a 10mm wood fibre backing which significantly reduces both airborne & impact sounds.

The Knauf Flooring Systems offer the following features:

✅ More environmentally friendly than wet screed or timber alternatives such as ply or chipboard! GifaFloor, Brio & Hugo are manufactured using a minimum of 60% recycled material.

✅ Offers a low profile for improved ceiling height

✅ Easy to install & lightweight

✅ A practical alternative to wet screed – reducing mess on site and avoiding drying times – these systems accept foot traffic in 4 hours after installation

✅ Excellent acoustic properties

For more information – why not check out our Knauf Product Range or the downloads page to view data sheets on all products

AFD are stockists of the Knauf Flooring range, with flexible and short notice delivery options combined with fantastic customer service to ensure your project runs smoothly. Why not get in touch to find out more

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