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  • Steel reinforced Terrazzo
  • Monolithic - no laminations or layers
  • Protective ABS border mechanically fixed to steel reinforcement
  • High loading performance
  • Large selection of colours
  • Incombustible, fire resistant
  • Dimensionally stable and not sensitive to humidity
  • Natural constituent materials - no resins, solvents or chemical additives

Access Floors Distribution are UK suppliers for Monotile Tecnika stone raised access floor system. An excellent system suitable to any requirement for a raised access floor and stone finish. The panel is made of marble and/or granite chips and dust, white cement, and inorganic dyes compressed at very high pressure around a steel net providing for a very high-strength and environmentally friendly panel. No glue, resins or solvents are present in the matrix. This composition means the panel is monolithic in structure with even the ABS edge trim becoming part of the panel as it is mechanically fixed to the steel reinforcing prior to pouring of the mix in the mold. There is a good selection of colors and textures; and the panels can be finished to accommodate various levels of slip resistance.

Bespoke colors and textures can be provided for a unique design just for you. An example of this is the new Department of Islamic Art at The Louvre in Paris where a unique panel was created using a dark gray color and quartz mix with shards of brass incorporated in the matrix. When the panel was polished the brass filings provided for a very distinctive look sympathetic to the overall design.
Monotile Complies with Ska
° Some Teknica colors conform to the requirements of RICS Ska rating Good practices measures for offices, Raised Floor Systems M07 39 version 1.1 2001, 80% recycled content. A list of recycled content for each color is available