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Raised Access Floor system to PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU Medium Grade, Heavy Grade, and BSEN 12825 Load Class 3 - 6, providing static control access floor for rooms housing sensitive electronic equipment.
High-density chipboard, or Calcium Sulphate core options. This panel is finished in Polyflor SD Steel Grey as standard from stock; however many finishes are available such as vinyl, rubber, high pressure laminate, etc. for a variety of applications.

Cement Core Access Floor system ideal for data centres. Available in static control vinyl or laminate finish.
Bare panels to accept loose lay carpet tiles also available. Crimson system benefits from a large range of loading, understructure, and air flow panel options to suit your particular requirements.


Our raised floors are used in high traffic, highly visible projects. We demand the best


The market today is highly dynamic. We understand this and strive to make sure we provide the solution you need.


Our raised floor products are supplied on time and delivered in vehicles fit for the purpose. Many of our products are available from stock.
Access Floors Distribution Indigo and Crimson access floor systems provide a complete solution to static control raised access floor. From the smallest Comms Room to the largest Data Centre; these systems are proven in use over many years in a variety of situations and floor heights. High-quality components and exceptional quality control in production and distribution provide for a trouble- free installation and an access floor that will stand up to the rigors of use in a demanding environment but still provide a durable aesthetic element to the room.